Tuesday, 14 June 2016

5 Super Small Changes to Make a Happier and Healthier You

Each day we let so many minutes pass by, when if we just make some small changes it could significantly reduce some major health risks and better our mood. That is why I put together this small list of easy, start tomorrow daily habits!

1. Make yourself breakfast

Start your day off in the right direct by fuelling your mind and body. Studies show eating breakfast can give you a more complete diet with higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and improved concentration, performance and endurance. Try a piece of toast with topper with avocado and a fried egg! My personal favourite!

2. Always take the stairs

These few minutes may seem minor but every step counts! Raising our heart rate protects against high blood pressure, clogged arteries and weight gain. Even better, every time you climb a flight of stairs, your body releases chemical endorphins, making you feel happy and calm. 

3. Choose vegetarian options as much as possible

The options are endless, and guess what?.. Delicious! Start small with one meal a week! Try it, you might find you want to do it more often than you think! Cutting back on meat can reduce your fat and cholesterol intake and give you more fruit and vegetables!  

4. Explore a new route

Studies suggest that doing something different to what you'd normally do, could increase your creativity and ability to innovate. If you have a few extra minutes on your commute home from work I encourage you to take a different street, get lost for a minute. Or even better go for a walk or run around your neighbourhood!  You never know what you will find!

5. Do something for yourself

Clear your schedule for a short nap or treat yourself to a pedicure. Self care is so important but often overlooked to contribute to our overall happiness and contentment. When your schedule is jammed packed or you have to squeeze it into your budget, it may seem self indulgent, it's not. When we take good care of ourselves, it makes use less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.

These 5 simple tips will over time, help your ability to focus and concentrate and not only reduce stress, but improve your self-esteem and self-confidence! Making a few small changes can make a big difference!

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