Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Cauliflower Rice..A must try!!

Tonight for dinner I made a Thai peanut stir fry with cauliflower (rice) and I had to share how easy (and delicious) it was!

You just plop chunks of raw cauliflower into a blender or food processor, heat up some coconut oil in a pan, throw the cauliflower in and cover for 2-4 minutes and you get fluffy guilt-free rice!

Don't be worried about substituting your brown rice, cauliflower is surprisingly packed with a handful of amazing nutrients! And my favourite part was that is seriously soo quick and easy! Basically one minute of prep time, then a few in the pan and you're done!

I also wanted to share this because it is one of those posts you always see while flipping through pinterest and instagram, and usually you have all if not most of those ingredients sitting in your cupboards or fridge. I hope this inspires you to try a new recipe or ingredient! It's just one meal and I promise you will have fun. Breaking from the norm is needed, even if it is a total disaster! (Because believe me, I have been there) but give it a try!

Tonights experiment couldn't have gone better and I can't wait for my next challenge!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

5 Super Small Changes to Make a Happier and Healthier You

Each day we let so many minutes pass by, when if we just make some small changes it could significantly reduce some major health risks and better our mood. That is why I put together this small list of easy, start tomorrow daily habits!

1. Make yourself breakfast

Start your day off in the right direct by fuelling your mind and body. Studies show eating breakfast can give you a more complete diet with higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and improved concentration, performance and endurance. Try a piece of toast with topper with avocado and a fried egg! My personal favourite!

2. Always take the stairs

These few minutes may seem minor but every step counts! Raising our heart rate protects against high blood pressure, clogged arteries and weight gain. Even better, every time you climb a flight of stairs, your body releases chemical endorphins, making you feel happy and calm. 

3. Choose vegetarian options as much as possible

The options are endless, and guess what?.. Delicious! Start small with one meal a week! Try it, you might find you want to do it more often than you think! Cutting back on meat can reduce your fat and cholesterol intake and give you more fruit and vegetables!  

4. Explore a new route

Studies suggest that doing something different to what you'd normally do, could increase your creativity and ability to innovate. If you have a few extra minutes on your commute home from work I encourage you to take a different street, get lost for a minute. Or even better go for a walk or run around your neighbourhood!  You never know what you will find!

5. Do something for yourself

Clear your schedule for a short nap or treat yourself to a pedicure. Self care is so important but often overlooked to contribute to our overall happiness and contentment. When your schedule is jammed packed or you have to squeeze it into your budget, it may seem self indulgent, it's not. When we take good care of ourselves, it makes use less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.

These 5 simple tips will over time, help your ability to focus and concentrate and not only reduce stress, but improve your self-esteem and self-confidence! Making a few small changes can make a big difference!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Splurge On This to Start Your Meal Prepping Off Right!!

My biggest must splurge is not organic vegetables, chicken or eggs. It's...  Containers!

You will thank me, your meal preparing will be 10x easier with matching lids and bottoms, and containers that do not leak!! The key to easy meal preparation is organization.

You can find some great box deals that set you off on the right food and give you a great base of quality containers, then you can add to them as you see which ones your use most.

Happy Prepping


Friday, 3 June 2016


I hope you enjoyed my last post about the importance of bringing your lunch!

Being Friday, I hope you all have a fun filled weekend planned, to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! In saying that, I do encourage you all to schedule some time to make your grocery list, and do your shopping!

I promise on sunday night when you are preparing for your week it will make it so much easier with a fridge of beautiful food!

I am a huge fan of our local farmers market, not only is it always a great experience going, but I honestly find the produce much better quality and I'm not lying CHEAPER! With food prices on the rise these days I know we are all looking to save a few pennies where we can!

 I will admit they can be a little over whleming your first trip.  They are busy and and you aren't sure where to shop or who to buy from.
That is why it is most important to have a list of your items you want to buy and just go for it! Soon you will have your favourite vendors and be in and out in no time!

Regardless of where you shop, just keep in mind, whole fresh foods and you will rock it!

I hope you have a great weekend and happy planning!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Start packing a lunch today!

Preparing your meals, prepares you for success.

I am the first to admit, if I do not pack my lunch the night before, I will not have/make time for it in the morning, or I will be extremely rushed and frustrated. I promise you, when you start you may be dragging your feet to bed and not have the energy or forget it in the fridge when you leave the house in the morning, you will appreciate your lunch, that YOU made, for YOURSELF!

I love when I have a great lunch. You look forward to lunch time even more, and after lunch you continue to feel happy and satisfied. 

I am lucky, I naturally am drawn to and love healthy food. Vegetables, grains, nuts… I can’t get enough. And, call me crazy, but I love leftovers. To me food is fuel, that's how I see it going into my body. The building blocks to my muscles and strength. For others, (my boyfriend is in this category) they are more consumed on particular qualities and ingredients of a meal. 

I think a large problem (I am to blame) is that we over think our meal choices! Try to keep this in mind, each meal or snack should have carbs, protein and vegetables or fruit. And don't forget you want to eat every 2.5-3 hours! Fuel your body and your mind! 

 I have put together some quick meal ideas to prepare you for an awesome day!

  • 1/2 banana and 5 almonds
  • Crackers, cheese and cucumber slices
  • Apple slices and a heaping spoon of peanut butter
  • Celery slices and peanut butter

  • Small wraps with turkey breast, lettuce and peppers, some hot sauce and mayo - a couple slices of carrots and cauliflowers on side *** new fav! - Skip the wheat wrap and throw those ingredients in a piece of romain lettuce! 
  • 1/4 cup chicken, 1/2 cup rice, 1-2 cups vegetables - Be fun with it! Fresh or frozen
  • Black bean salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro and lime juice (Don't be afraid to throw in some feta cheese if you have it in the fridge!)
  • Quesadillas - wraps with peppers, onions and cheese - Plain greek yogurt and salsa on side

I would love to hear about some of the lunch or snack favourites you have! 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

It's a Beautiful Life

I don't know where you are while you are reading this, but here in southern Ontario, summer has been such a tease! 

Finally our first couple days of pure sunshine, we were soaking it in on the front porch. I was following up some emails and my boyfriend was in the front yard working on his car. I just looked around, basking in the sun and was so thankful for my life! 

What is your sweet spot after a long day or what makes you happy and thankful for everything around you?