Friday, 3 June 2016


I hope you enjoyed my last post about the importance of bringing your lunch!

Being Friday, I hope you all have a fun filled weekend planned, to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! In saying that, I do encourage you all to schedule some time to make your grocery list, and do your shopping!

I promise on sunday night when you are preparing for your week it will make it so much easier with a fridge of beautiful food!

I am a huge fan of our local farmers market, not only is it always a great experience going, but I honestly find the produce much better quality and I'm not lying CHEAPER! With food prices on the rise these days I know we are all looking to save a few pennies where we can!

 I will admit they can be a little over whleming your first trip.  They are busy and and you aren't sure where to shop or who to buy from.
That is why it is most important to have a list of your items you want to buy and just go for it! Soon you will have your favourite vendors and be in and out in no time!

Regardless of where you shop, just keep in mind, whole fresh foods and you will rock it!

I hope you have a great weekend and happy planning!

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